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AvenueInfant School

About Us

Welcome to the website of The Avenue Infant School

We are a nurturing, inclusive school in the heart of Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.  Our dedicated, brilliant staff work tirelessly to give each and every child the best possible start to their school life.  At the heart of all we do is our aim to nurture the talents of every child to develop strong foundations for future learning.  Through our school values of 

We develop strong and resilient children who love to learn and be a part of our school family.

Learning at The Avenue is interesting, relevant and, most importantly, fun!  The children are posed learning opportunities that engage them, encourage collaboration, make them think, wonder and ask questions. 

The school's Golden Rules help the children to do their best in school.

The three golden rules are Be ready, Be respectful and Be safe.

The children know following the Golden Rules ensures everyone is safe and happy......and consequently enjoy lots of Golden Time at the end of the week.

We very much value working closely with parents and carers, sharing information about the curriculum, progress and learning ideas for home.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website which is full of useful information and ideas.

What our pupils and parents say about us!

We LOVE receiving feedback from our pupils and parents...below is just some comments we have recently received.

Parent/Carer Survey Results May 2022

What our pupils say...

“I love The Avenue very much.  I don't want to leave”

“I love my school because of my friends and my lovely teachers”

“I love EVERYTHING about school”

What our parents say...

"Everyone from reception staff, support staff, teachers and head teacher are amazing, friendly people who have made my child's experience of school something special."

"We love the playground and outdoor environment - strongly supports and values play as its own skill."

"I have never had an issue with The Avenue.  Staff are always super friendly, school offers a lot of extra curriculum activities and does not put pressure on the children to excel. The support mu child has received has been exceptional. Will be sad when my child leaves to go to the junior school".

"We are happy with this school".

“My child is in a safe, caring and secure environment”.

“Fantastic to know the support worker is there if we need her”.

“Have only ever had small issues and all have been dealt with fantastically”.

“My child's confidence has grown so much at The Avenue, and she is very happy coming to school every day”.

The History of The Avenue Infant School​

The Avenue Infant School opened to children on Wednesday 30th October 1912. Throughout the school's history logs and records were kept by the head teachers, and we have these logbooks, other written records, admission registers and many photographs in school to this day.  Some of these logbooks, documents and photographs are displayed in the entrance to the school which attract much interest from visitors and children alike. To celebrate the centenary of the school in 2012 Peter Baxter wrote a book entitled 'The Avenue Infant School: The First Hundred Years' which collated lots of information, photographs from many sources and includes memories from ex pupils and staff.

For a flavour of this book see the document below.

The School Logbooks  taken from 'The First Hundred Years'

The two-volume school log, which more than anything else communicates what occurred during the day to day running of The Avenue School since its earliest times, begins a few months after the opening in October 1912.  Each heavy book has over 500 pages, and the first runs from June 1913 up to July 1949.  It is bound stoutly in black leather and thick board, lettered in gold, and on the first page instructions are printed on what should and what should not be entered therein.  It will be seen that on occasion these strictures were not adhered to with all the rigour they might have been.

In the front section are various appointment details, followed by the organisation (classification) of the school for the year commencing June 1st 1913.  

School Admission Registers were completed from the 1940s where the details of every child who has attended the school are recorded (name, address, date of birth and their admission number). Despite having a computerised system installed in the 1990s the completion of these handwritten records still continues to this day!

Newly opened school, 1913
Miss Hands’ Class c1915

Class IV with Miss Beeby: early January 1916


Staff snapshot 1948, l-r: Connie Meadows, Miriam Billson, Olive Berry, Phyllis Howe,
Joyce Wilson, Josie Putnam — camera: Jean Hilton


Miss Hilton's Class in 1950
Miss Putnam and the Babies’ Class from early during Miss Howe’s time  (late 1940s - early 1950s)

Miss Bilson and the Rocking Horse (the latter showing distinct signs of wear)
in the late 1940s: the children look fit and healthy on their ‘austerity’ diet.
Elves and Fairies May Day 1952
Miss Howe’s celebrated Percussion Band, pictured in 1950

Miss Wilson and her Coronation Year Class June 1956


                                                                                  The Gallery Wall