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We only accept  high standards of behaviour at The Avenue Infant School, and bullying is not accepted, in any form.  We want the children to enjoy their time here, feel safe,  have fun and learn lots.  We help everyone to get on with each other and we believe everyone has the right to be who they are. We teach the children what bullying is, how to stop it and what to do if they are worried about themselves or anyone else being bullied.  

Our playtime buddies, the 'Be Friends Group' (BFGs) help everyone to have happy playtimes and lunchtimes. They wear reflective jackets so that they are easily identifiable to any children who need their help. They also check the friendship bench regularly to ensure that no-one on the playground is feels lonely or has no-one to play with.

We recently held a school anti-bullying week. We talked to the children about bullying, and these are some of the things that they thought were bullying behaviours: 

  • Hurting someone's body or feelings
  • Making fun of someone
  • Leaving someone out
  • Pulling faces
  • Telling lies about someone

We know that these things are bullying if they happen Several Times on Purpose. 

These are our ideas about how we can beat bullying:

  • Tell an adult if you are worried about yourself or someone else
  • Tell the bully to stop
  • Look out for other people 
  • Make sure that we are treating others how we like to be treated ourselves. 

'If you spot it, stop it!'


For further information or support about bullying, use the links below:

Please remember that if you or your child is concerned about bullying, we are here to help. Speak to your child's class teacher or another member of staff. We must all work together to stamp out bullying in all forms.