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We expect high levels of attendance and punctuality from all children,and school attendance is a legal requirement. Poor attendance or punctuality may result in a referral to Education Inclusion and could potentially result in a fine, or even prosecution.  We want to work closely together with you to avoid these lengths to ensure that your child has the best attendance possible.

Finding it difficult to get your child to school on time?

If you sometimes struggle with getting your child to school on time, or do they often complain feeling unwell often, but you are unsure if they are?  If so, please come and speak to Mrs Fowle, Family Support Worker, who can offer some practical advice and support.

Does being late really matter?   Yes really does:

Our days always start with a phonics lesson. If your child is even just 5 minutes late to school, they will have missed the new sound their group is learning.  If your child is 5 minutes later every day, they will have missed vital knowledge and may find it hard to pick it up. If they are 10 minutes late they will have missed their sounds practice for the day.

School is open from 8.50am. Please ensure your child is in school by 9.00am

How good is your child’s attendance?


Every child's attendance is expected to be above 96%


For example, 1 days absence a week in a seven week term would mean an attendance rate of 86%.

90% attendance in a year means over 70 lessons have been missed.

Reporting your child's absence

We know some illness is unavoidable, but please ensure your child has the minimal amount of time off school.  If your child does have to be absent, please remember to call the school to inform us by 9.30am at the very latest with a reason for absence. If we have not heard from parents/carers by 9.30am we will ring all contacts we hold until contact is made.

To prevent the spread of vomiting and diarrhoea, children should not return to school until at least 48 hours/two whole days after any occurrence pf vomiting and/or diarrhoea.

Absent from school means absent from learning




Statement of Leave of Absence

Please note that in accordance with changes in legislation from the  Department for Education, from 1st September 2013 the Headteacher cannot grant any leave of absence, including holidays, during term time, unless there are exceptional circumstances such as illness or change in family circumstance.

Parents who choose to take their children out of school for holiday during term-time should understand that this absence is almost certain to be coded as 'unauthorised' and that, ultimately, Northamptonshire County Council may enforce a fixed penalty notice should the circumstance warrant this.  Please see Northamptonshire County Council for further details.  We ask that you notify us when children will be absent from school and for what reason, by completing the leave of absence form (below or available from the office) and returning to school at least two weeks before the start of the absence.