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Autumn Term 1

September 2023

In Cherry class today, we have been learning all about materials in science and sorting objects into 'glass, metal, plastic or wood'. Can your children spot any of objects made from these materials at home?

Cherry class have been busy making and taste-testing porridge following Goldilocks' instructions. We were making sure it was 'Just right!' 

Today in RE, Cherry class looked at the Christian Creation Story and re-created one of the 7 days of creation. Each day, Christians believe that God created something different. Can you ask your children what they remember was made each day? 

This afternoon, Cherry class have been exploring observational sketching in art. We have explored and looked at different fruits and sketched them in our art books. 🍍🍎🍊


October 2023

In Maths, Cherry class looked at part-part whole models and made groups of different fruits and vegetables.

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