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Autumn Term 1

September 2023

Beech Class started to learn an instruction text, how to make bread. Ask your child about the steps they took!

Beech class started their art topic this week by experimenting with the range of different sketching pencils. Can your child practice sketching some fruit or vegetables over the weekend?

Thank you to all of the families that came to Year 2’s first family reading session, we had a fantastic turnout and the children loved it!

This afternoon, Beech class began an investigation to see the effects on washing hands and touching bread. We had a control piece of bread which no one touched. We had a piece of bread which was touched by everybody with dirty hands. And we had a piece of bread which was touched by everybody after we washed our hands.

We then wrote our predictions as to what we thought would happen to each piece of bread.

We are excited to see how this investigation develops!



This morning we started our topic introduction with a research activity using books and QR codes. The children really impressed us with their ability to use the technology to support their learning.

This morning, Year 2 took part in a drama about Florence Nightingale to learn about the important work she did to change hospitals and nursing. Ask your child what their favourite part was and what they can remember! 

Beech class will be coming home with their library books tonight. This is a book for you to enjoy reading with your children at home. Please ensure your child bring their library book back every Friday ready to change for a new one.

You can see the children loved reading them this morning in class!

In RE today, Beech class were thinking about the Christian value of kindness. We anonymously wrote how our friends show kindness to us and stuck our notes around the classroom. We then found our own names and read our notes of kindness!

For our VIPERS lesson this morning, we focussed on the ‘V’ for vocabulary by using dictionaries to find the definitions of words in our learning topics this term. The children loved it!



October 2023

Beech Class have been beginning to learn how to count in 5s. We started with a game of counting ping pong and then used concrete resources to show counting in 5s!

Beech class had their first visit to the avenue pound shop today! The children were really careful to count out how much they had earnt and were really sensible about their purchase choices.