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AvenueInfant School

Autumn Term 1 - Who am I?

September 2021     

Willow Class have had a brilliant first few days at school this week! We are all so proud of the children for settling in so well to their new class. The children have also painted fantastic self-portraits, using mirrors to observe their features and telling their new friends what they can see. 

Every day we have been singing a different nursery rhyme to finish our session, today we sang Row your boat and the children loved it! They pretended to row their boat with their partner and joined in with the singing brilliantly.

They particularly enjoyed screaming when they saw the crocodile! 🐊🐊🐊


October 2021

Reception have had an amazing first week so earned an extra long play time this morning. We had a great time playing with our friends in the sunshine.


Willow Class  have been learning all about the number 5. We learnt the songs 5 Little Ducks, 5 Currant Buns and 5 Little speckled frogs! To help us learn about the number 5 we made duck and frog puppets to use when we sing the songs and also made 5 Little Duck handprints.


We have also been working in teams to order towers showing numbers 1-5. As well as maths we have been changing our characters in our story Mr Wiggle and Mr Waggle. We made a list of new characters then used puppets to tell the new story to our partners.