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Autumn Term 2

November 2023

Today we had a visitor in year 1. A local artist came to show the children how to draw in the style of the artist Nick Sharratt. The children concentrated very hard on their comic strips, and they are eager to share the story with their grown ups at home. 🎨

On Tuesday Evil Pea visited both Maple and Cherry class and left them some of his favourite food to try. We had peas in jelly, peas in spaghetti, pea sandwiches and pea and mash!

Ask your child if they enjoyed any of the Evil Peas food? 

Cherry class' friend Milo is off on his adventures tomorrow! Once a week a child from Cherry class will bring him home for the weekend to look after him and have lots of fun! When your child has Milo, please take or draw lots of pictures of what your child and Milo get up to! Milo can't wait to meet you all. 🙂

Cherry class have had fun exploring different media in art today, ready for their exploration into oil pastels! 🎨 Can your child explain how they made their media darker or lighter?

Cherry class have had fun in science yesterday, using their sense of smell to describe a variety of scents. We used the adjectives 'sweet', 'floral', 'strong' and 'fruity'.
Can your child use their sense of smell to describe some smells at home?

Cherry class have been learning about the Christmas story in our Christianity topic. Today we looked at the gifts the kings bought to Jesus. We discussed what gifts we would bring an owl and discussed appropriate gifts for a baby now. 

Cherry class have been talking about their special people today in PSHE. We then wrote something about a special friend in our classroom and hid it around the room then read them out! The children's kind words made for a lot of happy faces!😀

Cherry class have enjoyed exploring and labelling our 3D shapes today in maths. Can your child spot any 3D shapes at home? 

December 2023

Cherry class have had great fun in our art lesson today. We are looking at self-portraits and today have used mirrors to create our own!