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Autumn Term 2

November 2023

Yesterday, for our maths starter Beech Class used the iPads to practise our maths fluency with our numberbonds knowledge using the game hit the button. This would be a good one to try at home with you child.

In geography yesterday, Beech Class used retrieval techniques to retrieve our year 1 learning of naming the 7 continents and 5 oceans and located these on a variety of different maps. 🌎

Today, in year 2, Beech Class were amazed to learn that a talking mango had joined our classroom as an introduction to our new text - the mango that spoke. We then acted out our story. Ask your child if they can retell the story. 🥭

Today Beech class started to explore the art form of sculpture. We tried manipulating paper by folding, rolling and bending to eventually create our own paper sculptures.

Today we moved our learning in art on by being introduced to clay. We explored different ways that we could manipulate clay and eventually had a practice at making something!

Beech class used some of the skills we have been practicing with clay to make some pinch pots yesterday. We scored and stuck extra details on to the pots we made.

In Maths today, Year 2 began looking at adding a 2 digit number to another 2 digit number using the column method. We started by drawing our own place values charts and using concrete resources (dienes) to move the totals down to the bottom and add them together. Some of us then moved on to drawing pictures to represent the addition. Year 2 did brilliantly!
Can the children show you at home?

In Maths today, Beech class continued to learn how to use the column method for addition with exchanging a ten. We used concrete resources and some of us drew pictures to help to answer number sentences.

Beech class really enjoyed a calm atmosphere this morning when changing and reading their library books.

December 2023

Beech class played ‘Pointless’ in science yesterday to recall what we know about habitats. The children thought about some really great, scientific words

Beech class made a start on their African clay masks yesterday. I’m really proud of how carefully they looked at the designs they made last week!

We had a fantastic morning practicing and performing our poems this morning!

Today Beech Class have painted their African masks. We made these as part of our Art learning about representative sculptures.