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Autumn Term 2

November 2023

This week in Art, Hazel Class were introduced to our new sculpture topic. The children enjoyed exploring the use of paper to create their own 3D sculptures. They looked brilliant! The children are excited to see what else we create this term! 

This afternoon, Hazel Class have been working on their clay skills in Art. We used the techniques we learnt last week to create our own 'pinch pots' the children did a brilliant job at creating their pots and were very proud of them. 

This afternoon, Hazel Class enjoyed playing the glockenspiels in their Music lesson 🎼 the children loved playing along with the song and concentrated brilliantly on playing the right notes! 

Today in Computing, Hazel Class were learning about online safety and safe searches. We used Purple Mash to experiment with different search filters to see what we could find!


December 2023

On Friday afternoon, Hazel Class had a brilliant Art lesson designing their own African masks. The children explored different patterns and shapes and created fantastic designs. The children are excited to create their masks out of clay next week! 

Yesterday afternoon, Hazel Class enjoyed making their African masks out of clay! They used the designs they drew last week to add patterns and shapes. The children are very excited to paint their masks next week!

Hazel Class had a brilliant morning enjoying their treat for earning 100 class ticks! The children voted to do some fun activities such as using play dough and painting. They all had a lovely time! 

Yesterday, Hazel Class made their own cards to spread kindness to our friends and families. The children worked hard cutting out their snowflakes and made beautiful cards ❄️

Yesterday Hazel Class painted their African masks to finish our project for this term. The children added beautiful patterns, colours and shapes to their masks and were very proud of their work.