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Autumn Term 2

November 2023

Today we had a visitor in year 1. A local artist came to show the children how to draw in the style of the artist Nick Sharratt. The children concentrated very hard on their comic strips, and they are eager to share the story with their grown ups at home. 🎨

On Tuesday Evil Pea visited both Maple and Cherry class and left them some of his favourite food to try. We had peas in jelly, peas in spaghetti, pea sandwiches and pea and mash!

Ask your child if they enjoyed any of the Evil Peas food? 

Tilly is so excited to go home with someone from maple class tomorrow! Where will she go on her first adventure?

This week Maple class were hard at work designing and making capes for their teddy bears! 🧸

December 2023

Maple class worked so hard all afternoon creating their own self portrait in art. They looked at themselves in a mirror and carefully drew their face in different stages.