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Curriculum Intent: English

Possibilities - To have high aspirations and know all of the opportunities available to them.

Growth - To recognise and celebrate their own individual journey, understanding their own uniqueness and strengths and those of others.

Communication - To have high levels of oracy; having a rich and wide vocabulary to be able to explain their own ideas and thinking and be able to collaborate and respond to others.

Whole school Curriculum vision for English

To have high aspirations

Our pupils will develop strong communication skills through talking and written expression. Their reading experiences will open doors to endless possibilities which develop our pupils into readers to learn. They will leave with a lifelong love of reading.


To recognise and celebrate their own individual journey

Our pupils will see their journey in English as one of challenge but also great pleasure. They will grow in confident to approach: reading, writing and oracy tasks. They will utilise these skills across the wider curriculum becoming adept at reading increasing complex texts on a range of subjects. They will reflect on their growth in written pieces.


To have high levels of oracy

Our pupils will orally learn a wide range of texts and narratives which develop them as storytellers and confident speakers. They will be inquisitive about language and vocabulary, asking questions about words and phrases.


Our pupils should be able to organise their knowledge, skills and understanding into the following concepts:

  • Handwriting
  • Spelling
  • Composition
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Applying Phonics
  • Reading for Pleasure
  • Reading with accuracy, fluency and understanding

These key concepts underpin the children’s learning through the year groups from Reception to Year 2. This enables pupils to reinforce and build upon prior learning, make connections and develop subject specific language. 

Aspirations For The Future

Pupils develop an understanding of how subjects and specific skills are linked to future jobs.

Here are some of the jobs you could aspire to do in the future:

  • Author
  • News reporter
  • Head of HR
  • Journalist
  • Director
  • Teacher

For more careers, please visit  First Careers



Through the explicit teaching of reading and writing skills and fundamentals, both the teachers and the pupils assess their learning continuously throughout the lesson.   Teacher feedback helps pupils focus on their next steps of development.  Our assessment systems enable teachers to make informed judgements about the depth of their learning and the progress they have made over time. Phonics assessment and progress is tracked termly and groups are fluid to enable to children to move at their own pace through the Read Write Inc phonics scheme.

Pupil Voice

“English is good because you can write about a lot of things.”

“Writing makes me feel peaceful.”

“Box it up helps me plan my story.”

“I like telling stories to my teddies because they listen.”

“I like learning all the story words.”

“Sound mats and new words wall help me.”


Here is what English looks like at The Avenue: