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Our Governing Body is composed of a group of committed volunteers, who have responsibility for the strategic development of the school. They bring a range of different skills, experiences and interests with them, representing local businesses, schools and the community. Our governors provide essential links between the school and its parents, carers and local community.

Governors are appointed by the Governing Body with the exception of Parent Governors, who are elected by parents and carers and Staff Governors, who are elected by school staff.

What is the role of a governor?

Our governing body works with staff, parents and carers to provide the best possible framework for educating our pupils. They are involved in all aspects of school life and meet regularly with the school's Senior Leadership Team. They fulfil their responsibility by:

  • Holding school leaders to account for the educational and financial performance of the school: the Governing Body create robust accountability for the school's leadership team through rigorous analysis of performance and financial information.
  • Setting the school's vision and the strategy for achieving this vision: the school's vision centres on pupil progress and achievement and, working with senior leaders, the Governing Body agree key priorities  and key performance indicators against which progress towards achieving can be measured.
  • Ensuring the school's financial success and probity: the Governing Body must ensure that the budget that the school receives is managed effectively, and with regard to value for money.

Thinking of becoming a governor?

If you would like more general information about what the role of a governor entails please use the links below,  or if you would like to find out about becoming a governor at our school please contact the school office on 01933 276366 or email