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AvenueInfant School

How Our Days Run

We have very busy days at school where we make the most of every minute to benefit our learning! This is what we might do on a 'normal' day, Friday afternoon timings are different for all pupils due to Celebration Assembly and Golden time.


Assemblies take place daily at 2.45pm in the hall, except on Fridays when Celebration Assembly is at 2pm in the school hall.

8.50-9.00 Pupils arrive in school
9.00 Register
  Learning time
  Learning time
12.00 - 1.00 Lunchtime
1.05 Register
1.15-2.40 Learning time
2.45-3.05 Assembly
3.10 Home time
YEAR 1 AND 2  
8.50-9.00 Pupils arrive in school
9.00 Register
9.05-9.15 Handwriting
9.15-10.05 Lesson (usually English or Maths)
10.05-10.15 Snack and  story
10.05-10.15 Morning playtime
10.30 - 11.05 Phonics
11.05-11.55 Lesson (usually English or Maths)
12.00-1.00 Lunchtime
1.00-1.05 Register
1.05-1.15 Relaxation/Reflection time & 10 minute pledge story
1.15-1.50 Lesson
1.50-2.00 Afternoon Playtime
2.00-2.40 Lesson
2.45-3.05 Assembly
3.15 Home time