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How can you help your child use the Zones of Regulation at home?

• Identify your own feelings using Zones language in front of your child e.g.: I’m frustrated. I think I am in the Yellow Zone.”

• Talk about what tool you will use to be in the appropriate Zone e.g.: “I need to take four deep breaths to help get me back to the Green Zone.”

• At times, wonder which Zone your child is in. Or, discuss which Zone a character in a film / book might be in. e.g.: “You look sleepy. Are you in the Blue Zone?”

• Engage your child in discussion around Zones when they are in the Red Zone is unlikely to be effective. You need to be discussing the different Zones and tools they can use when they are more regulated / calm.

• Teach your child which tools they can you. e.g. “It’s time for bed. Let’s read a book together in the comfy chair to get you in the Blue Zone.”

• Regular Check-ins. “How are you feeling now?” and “How can you get back to Green?”

• Modelling it is important to remember to show the children how you use tools to get back to the green zones. You might say “I am going to make myself a cup of tea and do some breathing exercises because I am in the blue zone” and afterwards tell your child how using those tools helped you get back to the green zone.

• Share how their behaviour is affecting your Zone. For example, if they are in the Green Zone, you could comment that their behaviour is also helping you feel happy / go into the Green Zone.

• Put up and reference the Zones visuals and tools in your home.

• Praise and encourage your child when they share which Zone they are in.