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Medical Provision & Illness

If your child is not well enough to be in school, please contact the school before 9am either by ringing the school and leaving a message or email

Please note that if your child has either diarrhoea and/or have been vomiting they cannot return to school until 48 hours after their last episode.

Adminstration of Medicines in School

School staff are only able to administer prescribed medicines in school, the medication must be prescribed for the named child, in the original packaging with the prescribing label and in date.  You must complete a Request to Administer Medication form which you find below or from the school office.  

We are unable to administer unprescribed medicines such as calpol etc.however, parents/carers are welcome to come into school to administer medication to their child during the school day, except between 12 and 1pm.

How We Support pupils with Medical Needs

The staff at The Avenue Infant School are committed to providing pupils with a high quality education whatever their health need, disability or individual circumstances. We believe that all pupils should have access to as much education as their particular medical condition allows, so that they maintain the momentum of their learning whether they are attending school or going through periods of treatment and recuperation. We promote inclusion and will make all reasonable adjustments to ensure that children and young people with a disability, health need or SEN are not discriminated against or treated less favourably than other pupils.

Our policy for Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions has been developed in line with the Department of Education's statutory guidance released in 2014 - 'Supporting pupils at school with medical conditions' - under a statutory duty from section 100 of the Children and Families Act 2014.  The statutory duty came into force on 1st September 2014

Our policy can be found in the Policies section.

First Aid

Our first aid policy, procedures and guidelines is designed to promote the health, safety and welfare of our pupils and staff of The Avenue Infant School through the provision of first aid equipment and trained personnel in accordance with the requirements of the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations, 1981

Our policy can be found in the Policies section.