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AvenueInfant School


Welcome to Oak Class!

                                            Miss Gardiner, Miss Cotter, Mrs Day & Miss Peck

Welcome to Reception!

 We are so excited for a brilliant first year at school. Reception is a year full of fun where we learn new skills that prepare us for the rest of our time in school.

In Reception we are:

  • Explorers
  • Investigators
  • Artists
  • Readers
  • Mathematicians                             
  • Scientists
  • Writers  

Most of the learning in Reception is child initiated, where they have access to a range of play based learning opportunities including role play, small world, creative jobs, construction, maths and writing. The children have access to both Reception classrooms as well as our outdoor learning area, The Den.


A typical day in Reception sees us learning to read in Phonics, write letters in handwriting and have daily Maths, English and topic carpet time sessions.


Reception all are dressed up for Red Nose Day, don’t they look wonderful!


What we are learning about

Autumn Term 1  - Who am I?

Autumn Term 2 - Can you tell me a story?

Spring Term 1 - Who helps us?

Spring Term 2  - Have you been down to the woods today?

Summer Term 1 - How does your garden grow?

Summer Term 2 - Shall we go on a journey?

What we have been doing! 

 April 2022

Reception enjoying their first day back at school yesterday!🌈



  Reception enjoying their playtime in the sunshine today☀️



Reception are currently looking after some very special guests. We have tadpoles! We are already enjoying watching them swim and have started to learn about how they will change as they get older.


May 2022

Reception have had a wonderful day in Salcey forest. We completed the Superworm trail, had a lovely picnic and persevered climbing on the tricky climbing frame. 


Oak Class have started to make clay mini-beasts today. They looked at books to decide what creature they wanted to make before thinking about how they could do it. They used a range of tools to shape their clay as well as rolling and pinching it. 

Reception have enjoyed watching our tadpoles grow and change in the last few weeks! We were particularly excited when they started to grow legs, turning them into froglets!🐸