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Our School Aims and Values

We develop strong and resilient children who love to learn and be part of our school family. Learning at The Avenue is interesting, relevant and most importantly, fun! The children are posed with learning opportunities that engage them, encourage collaboration, make them think, wonder and ask questions.

The Avenue Infant School Aims

The practice of all the work at The Avenue Infant School is underpinned by the aims of the school. This page details our aims for our school, our parents/carers and for our children. Each policy and improvement to each policy, is designed to bring us nearer to achieving these aims.

We aim for our school to be:

We aim for our parents/carers to be: We aim for our children to:
a caring community enriched by each individual sharers in the education of their child be respectful of others, independent, responsible, caring, adaptable, co-operative, motivated and curious
a place where everyone holds high expectations in a  working partnership with the school built on mutual trust and support feel valued and included
a positive, encouraging and supportive environment informed of the learning experiences provided so that they can support and extend learning at home and to:
a place where different beliefs are respected aware of  the school's objectives and values sustain a love a learning
a place where a united spirit enables everyone to work together and value one another supportive of its aims achieve their full potential
a place where everyone strives to meet the needs of each child confident to speak to staff about their child or any aspect of school and home feel happy, safe and secure
involved in the wider community increasingly confident to offer their skills, knowledge and interest to enhance the experiences of the children begin to make appropriate choices about their    health, behaviour and learning
a place where everyone is given opportunities to achieve their full potential involved in the life of the school to fully enjoy being a child

Our Values

At the heart of all we do is our aim to nurture the talents of every child to develop strong foundations for future learning through our school values of:

The Three Golden Rules

The school's Golden Rules help the children to do their best in school.

The three golden rules are Be Ready, Be Respectful and Be Safe.

The children know following the Golden Rules ensures everyone is safe and happy .... and consequently enjoy lots of Golden Time at the end of the week.