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AvenueInfant School


Our PE day is a Tuesday, children can come to school in their PE kit. Please ensure that your child is not wearing jewellery on this day.

November 2021

Willow class had a fantastic PE lesson being pirates today! We built our own pirate ship with its own plank- look at our scary pirate faces! We practised balancing along the plank, pretended to scrub the deck, rowed our own boats and climbed up the rigging. Well done Willow Class for being fantastic pirates!


January 2022

Today in PE Willow Class went to the moon! We worked as a team to build a rocket and be space explorers! We then practised jumping safely on our own and with a partner and experimented with different ways we could move on the moon.


Willow Class had another brilliant PE lesson today. We started using the apparatus for the first time! We practised the moves we learnt last week- star, straight and tuck. Then explored how we could make these different movements on or next to the apparatus. I was very impressed with how brilliantly the children listened and how hard they tried to complete each move accurately! 🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏾‍♂️



March 2022

Willow Class loved our tennis lesson yesterday! 🎾

Willow Class having a lot of fun in PE yesterday! The children loved using the large apparatus and were extremely sensible, using their listening ears and following instructions brilliantly!