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Curriculum Intent: Physical Education

Possibilities -To have high aspirations and know all of the opportunities available to them.       

Growth - To recognise and celebrate their own individual journey, understanding their own uniqueness and strengths and those of others.                                                                                                       

Communication - To have high levels of oracy; having a rich and wide vocabulary to be able to explain their own ideas and thinking and be able to collaborate and respond to others.

Whole school Curriculum vision for Physical Education


To have high aspirations
To develop personal confidence of physical attributes through fundamental skills and recognise their potential to fulfil their aspirations in their future


To recognise and celebrate their own individual journey

To simultaneously appreciate competition and sporting conduct to succeed both with a team and individually.


To have high levels of oracy

To effectively use verbal and non-verb skills within competitive and collaborative environments.


Our pupils should be able to organise their knowledge, skills and understanding into the following threshold concepts:

  • Agility, balance and coordination
  • Healthy competition
  • Cooperation

These key concepts underpin the children’s learning through the year groups from Reception to Year 2. This enables pupils to reinforce and build upon prior learning, make connections and develop subject specific language. 

Progression in Threshold Concepts

The procedural and semantic knowledge pupils need to understand the threshold concepts

Threshold Concepts

Reception Step - Foundations to Basic

Year 1 Step - Basic

Year 2 Step - Advancing to Deep

Agility, balance and coordination See curriculum breadth map
Healthy competition Understanding good sporting conduct and respect towards others Demonstrating the value of fair play, respect and a positive attitude Recognising responsibility, encouragement and motivation towards themselves and others
Cooperation Increasing confidence, participation and communication to achieve a common goal Valuing opportunities for teamwork, reflection and development of positive learning and social skills

Threshold Concepts

End Point

Agility, balance and coordination

By the end of Year 2...

Pupils should have a strong understanding of how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. They should have a solid foundation of their fundamental movement skills. Through physical education they should have developed their communication, problem solving and creativity. They should be able to face up to different challenges as individuals, in groups and in teams.

Pupils will be able to reflect on their performance, adapt, plan and evaluate themselves and others performances to improve the outcome of their work. They will show positive sportsmanship through competition, be able to communicate in a team and show respect through a positive attitude.

Pupils will discover their skills, abilities and preferences and make informed choices about how to get involved in lifelong physical activities.

Healthy competition

Aspirations For The Future

Pupils develop an understanding of how subjects and specific skills are linked to future jobs.

Here are some of the jobs you could aspire to do in the future related to Physical Education:

· Theatre Performer

· Dance Supervisor

· Physiotherapist

· Professional Footballer

· Rock Climber Instructor

· Choreographer

For more careers, please visit First Careers



Through the explicit teaching of the Physical Education skills, both the teachers and the pupils assess their learning continuously throughout the lesson. Our assessment systems enable teachers to make informed judgements about the depth of their learning and the progress they have made over time.   

Pupil Voice


“I like PE as I can move around lots”

Year 1:

“I like the stories and copying the moves”                   

“It can be tricky, but good when I get it”

Year 2:

“I like to learn different dances and practice them”                             

“I enjoy learning how to play different games and work in a group with my friends”


Here is what Physical Education looks like at The Avenue: