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Reading at Home

As a minimum we expect all children to read at least four times a week at home and record in their reading record, this includes reading their phonics books and banded reading book. It can also include being read to by an adult, for example a bedtime story.

Don't forget the 10 minute reading pledge to read every day for 10 minutes as agreed on the home-school agreement at the start of the year! 

Reading for Pleasure

As you will be aware, reading is one of the most important skills a child needs to develop in order to access learning as they get older. As well as decoding (using their phonics to read words) and comprehension (understanding what has been read), children need to read for pleasure - reading simply because it is an enjoyable activity. This will develop if reading is celebrated both at home and at school.

Please see below some challenges that you can encourage your child to do at home. The questions and activities can be used as a starting point to share and talk about books together, they don’t need to be written down and they can be done in any order. We hope that you enjoy doing these together.