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AvenueInfant School

School Council

Welcome to our School Council

Our pupils are the most important members of our school community and at The Avenue Infant School we like our children to have a strong voice within our school. The purpose of the school council is to encourage children to help in making important decisions regarding improvements to our school and get involved in issues that concern them in and around school.

Every term we run an election to vote for two new representatives from each class, they meet regularly with Mrs Bolter to speak about what their class are interested in or any issues they have.  They will also give feedback to their class about what was discussed at the council meeting to help keep every child informed.


Every member gets a chance to speak at the meetings and when we have finished we vote on the best ideas and then start to implement them.

School Council Members

Year 2 Scarlett Jasper
  Harper-Mai Sandy
Year 1 Hannah W Egle
  Ethan Jaden
Reception Eleanor Elliot A
  Jaxon Harvey


     'Alone we can do a little...together we can do a lot'