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September 2021 - August 2022

September 2021

At lunchtime a group of children spent a long time building the 'tallest tower' ever. They worked together as a team to construct the tower adding guttering for balls to come down in, pink carpet, plastic tubes, boxes for support and even a wok for the top of the tower.

The children really enjoyed playing in our digging area at playtime. They helped to clear the weeds and had great fun talking about the different bugs that they found. 🐞🦗


January 2022

Reception had another amazing playtime this morning. We spent a long time working together to create a huge obstacle course. This encouraged some super team work, problem solving and communication.




June 2022

Willow Class built a boat as a team which had lots of features such as a toilet, tv, bed, steering wheel and even a plank! ⛵️

July 2022

We have had lovely playtimes in the sun this week. ☀️