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Spring Term 1

January 2024

It is so lovely to have Beech class back together! We started our Spring Term off with a PHSE lesson, reminding ourselves how to be ‘active listeners’ and what this should look like. We tried to trick each other by slipping in some random words to our sentences to see if our Talk Partner noticed!

Today, Beech class had a look at some of the sentence homework we completed last term. The children were really responsible at supporting each other in recognising the corrections that needed doing. They also enjoyed testing each other at some common exception word spelling. Well done, Beech class!

Today in maths we explored making 2D shapes. We made sure that we referred back to the properties to correctly identify the shapes. 

Today, Beech class deepened their learning of our non-chronological text by trying to trick our friends with true and false statements. We really enjoyed this activity and did really well at remembering our ‘high five’ writing!

This afternoon, Mrs Begum was kind enough to come and talk to Year 2 about her faith, Islam. She told us about the special items to help her pray and the 5 Pillars of Islam. The children listened beautifully and asked some thoughtful questions. Thank you, Mrs Begum!

Beech class worked collaboratively this morning to make a start on a non-chronological report about our wonderful school!

In computing today, Beech Class gathered their own data by asking our friends what their favourite ice cream flavour was. We then presented it in a table on a spreadsheet and then converted it to a block graph.

Beech class have really enjoyed making the vehicles they designed last week!


February 2024

Today, Beech class have been practicing working out much money is left over after spending some money. They have found this really tricky but did really well today! Could your child help you with your shopping this weekend?

This afternoon, Beech class tested and evaluated the vehicles they have designed and made to complete their learning about wheels and axles.


Beech class have been practicing some ‘pyramid spelling’ today. Could they continue this with some of the other words or any words they find difficult at home?

Beech class really enjoyed testing and helping each other with spelling common exception words.

Beech class have been practicing division by grouping...

Year 2 have been learning about materials this term. We have learnt the difference between objects and materials and investigated how different materials can be changed. To end our term’s learning, we are thinking about how materials can be changed for recycling and the impact of this on the wider world. Here is Beech class working collaboratively on posters about recycling.