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Spring Term 1

January 2024

This afternoon, Mrs Begum was kind enough to come and talk to Year 2 about her faith, Islam. She told us about the special items to help her pray and the 5 Pillars of Islam. The children listened beautifully and asked some thoughtful questions. Thank you, Mrs Begum!

Earlier this week, Hazel Class started their Real Gym unit for PE. The children refreshed their knowledge of making shapes with our bodies. We practised a tuck, star and straight in lots of different ways. Can your child show you the different shapes we made? 

This week, Hazel Class have been deepening their knowledge of non-chronological reports. We created our own toolkits of all the different features we needed and then put our report back into order, making sure we knew what each part was and its importance in our report. 

This afternoon, Hazel Class created their own vehicles as part of our DT project this term. The children measured the holes in their chassis for their axels and made sure their wheels were secured safely.🚗

February 2024

This afternoon, Hazel Class had a great time testing the cars we made last week in DT. We tested how well the car moved down a slope, whether the wheels stayed on and whether it could move on its own. The children loved using their cars and even did some repairs whilst we were outside! 


This afternoon, Hazel Class have been taking part in activities for Children's Mental Health week. We talked about all the different things that make us happy and how we can look after our mental health. The children then completed pictures to show what matters to them and what makes them happy, it was lovely to hear about all of the different things that make us smile 🙂

This term in Science, Hazel Class have been learning all about materials and what objects are made of. We have compared various materials such as glass, plastic, wood and metal. We then progressed onto learning what different materials can be used for and if we can change and reuse materials. Today, the children learnt about the positive impact of recycling materials and we made special posters to let everyone know how important it is. ♻️