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AvenueInfant School

Spring Term 1 - Who helps us?

January 2022

Reception have had a super first few days back. They have started exploring our new topic, ‘Who helps us’. It is so lovely to have you back Reception. 😊


Reception have had a great couple of days learning about firefighters. We were able to explore some real firefighter equipment, make fire engines and look at different photos talking about what we could see.


Reception thoroughly enjoyed meeting our local PCSO Jody. They asked lots of thoughtful questions and listened carefully about how the Police help us. The children showed lovely manners towards our visitor, well done Reception!


Thank you so much to Nurse Fiona for visiting Reception this afternoon. The children enjoyed listening to you talk about being a nurse and loved getting to use the stethoscope and take each other’s temperatures.


Today in Reception, the children became musicians! We enjoyed exploring pitch using the glockenspiels to make high and low sounds. We then used the glockenspiels to join in singing the song ‘If you’re happy and you know it’. The children loved making different sounds and worked brilliantly as a team to take it in turns playing different notes. 🎼


February 2022

This morning Willow Class went on a walk! We enjoyed a walk around the local area to post our letters in the post box. We spotted lots of different things such as a police car, dentist, Park Junior School and a couple of shops. The children had lots of fun and all the grown ups were impressed with how brilliantly they listened and how sensibly they walked with their partners. I wonder who our letters were being posted to! ✉️📮