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AvenueInfant School

Spring Term 1 - Will we ever get to Mars?

January 2022

Hazel Class have been interviewing each other this morning about a new planet that they have discovered!


This morning Year 2 made their own counting sticks to practice counting in 2s.


February 2022

Hazel Class have been learning about chassis and axels so that they will be able to make their own moon buggies. They worked as a team to build using the K’NEX before they use their woodwork skills next week.

Today Hazel Class retold the story Back To Earth With A Bump focusing on story language. 


Hazel Class have been demonstrating great teamwork skills to sequence events in the story that they are learning.


Year 2 have been busy making moon buggies in DT and investigating surfaces in science. Ask your child what they have learnt today. 🚀