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AvenueInfant School

Spring Term 2 - Where would you build a home, somewhere metropolitan, urban or rural?

February 2022

Beech class have been busy enjoying their wow day. They have been exploring how to debate and communicate their opinions to each other regarding essential and non-essential items to take on a camping trip. They then went on explore what material would be best to make a tent for Town Mouse and Country Mouse through our science learning.


Beech class have been busy raiding the writing to make a class tool kit for diary writing.


Yesterday we enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. The children each chose a new book which they shared with their friends. They also enjoyed talking about a favourite book from home as well as listening to a mystery story.📖



March 2022

Beech class, in music, have been exploring tempo using musical instruments.


Beech class enjoyed dressing up for Red Nose Day.