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Spring Term 2 - Have you been down to the woods today?

February 2022 

Reception classrooms look like they have had a visitor over the holidays.🐾  

Willow Class had a brilliant PE lesson today. We completed our first gymnastics lesson by learning how to perform a tuck and star shape. The children worked brilliantly as a team to help each other achieve the moves and enjoyed playing the ‘mirror’ game where they had to take it in turns to copy each other.



Happy Pancake Day from Willow Class! We loved making and eating our pancakes!🍽


Yesterday we enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. The children each chose a new book which they shared with their friends. They also enjoyed talking about a favourite book from home as well as listening to a mystery story.📖

March 2022

Today Willow Class enjoyed their Maths lesson outside! We were continuing our learning about number bonds to 10, using a part part whole model to help us. The children loved doing Maths outside and are enjoying learning about number bonds.


Reception enjoyed having a story in the library today. It was read by a special guest, one of our governors, Mrs Russell. 📖


Willow Class have been working very hard in their English lessons this week. All week we have been working together to write sentences from our story ‘Take a walk Little Bear’. The children used their Fred fingers to hear the sounds in each word and took it in turns to write different words. They were very supportive of each other and made sure they were helping the child who was writing by telling them which sounds they needed next. Well done Willow Class for your fabulous writing!

Reception took their Maths outside in the sun today! We have been learning about describing positions this week. We practised this by going through the tunnel, over the hurdle, under the parachute and round the cable reels, using the correct language as we went.

Reception enjoying a fantastic playtime today!☀️


This week, Willow Class have been learning all about 2D shapes. Today we went outside to experiment with the different shapes we could make together. We made a circle, triangle, square and rectangle. The children made the shapes and then we drew around them using chalk!