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AvenueInfant School

Summer Term 1 - How does your garden grow?

April 2022

Reception enjoying their first day back at school yesterday!🌈

Reception enjoying their playtime in the sunshine today☀️


Reception are currently looking after some very special guests. We have tadpoles! We are already enjoying watching them swim and have started to learn about how they will change as they get older.

May 2022

Reception have had a wonderful day in Salcey forest. We completed the Superworm trail, had a lovely picnic and persevered climbing on the tricky climbing frame. 


Willow Class looking for changes in our baby ladybirds, we are very excited to see them turn into ladybirds soon!🐞

This week, Willow Class have been learning about addition in maths. Today we took our learning outside and practised adding using the giant blocks!


Reception have enjoyed watching our tadpoles grow and change in the last few weeks! We were particularly excited when they started to grow legs, turning them into froglets!🐸

Reception had a brilliant ‘Values Day’ yesterday based on the story, The Dot. We had different challenges to overcome where we showed perseverance and confidence in ourselves. The day finished with us enjoying our edible dotty art!


Reception have loved watching their ladybirds grow and change this term. After school today, Miss Morris and Miss Cotter released them into the school garden🐞☀️