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Summer Term 1 - What did it feel like to be on the titanic?

April 2022        

Cherry class had a very busy morning going on board of the Titanic. They had their first and second class tickets and discovered how the Titanic met its fate by hitting the iceberg. They really enjoyed their new topic, and they are excited to learn more.


Cherry class enjoyed learning about how to use watercolours to paint a background for their picture.


May 2022

Today in English we rehearsed our non-chronological report of The sinking of the Titanic by stepping it out and also identifying each of the key features.


Yesterday Year 1 moved onto measuring the capacity of a container using a single unit of measure. You could ask your child to show you what they have learnt and the new vocabulary we have been using during bath time.


Key Stage 1 children really enjoyed our values day! They completed a range of different team building challenges where they demonstrated our school values: Respect, Confidence, Kindness, Responsibility and Perseverance. As part of the day the children took part I a growth mindset activity; they completed a piece of art with Ian from Doodlebug. The children showed great resilience and perseverance during this session. What an excellent day!


Cherry class have enjoyed their creative morning. In art they made string pictures of the Titanic to print with next week and in DT they designed their own boat using the plan they had created. Next week they will evaluate and test their boats to see if they float or sink.


Cherry class finally got the chance to test the boats they made on the water. Most of our boats were successful and floated. They were very proud of their achievements and had a fun afternoon .⛵️


Cherry class have enjoyed learning all about the jubilee today. They have decorated biscuits for our afternoon tea party and wrote a letter to the Queen.


Cherry class were very proud of the book of letters they personally made, this will be posted to the Queen tomorrow.👑