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AvenueInfant School

Summer Term 1 - Where would you build a home, somewhere metropolitan, urban or rural?

April 2022

Year 2 had a great start to their new comedy text, Peter Picker today. Ask the children about what they got up to and what exactly Peter picked!

May 2022

This morning Hazel Class were using mirrors to find a line of symmetry.


Key Stage 1 children really enjoyed our values day! They completed a range of different team building challenges where they demonstrated our school values: Respect, Confidence, Kindness, Responsibility and Perseverance. As part of the day the children took part I a growth mindset activity; they completed a piece of art with Ian from Doodlebug. The children showed great resilience and perseverance during this session. What an excellent day!


Hazel class are combining their art knowledge and computing skills to create their own artwork in the style of Piet Mondrian.


Year 2 have been busy making cucumber sandwiches for our mini tea party this afternoon to celebrate the jubilee.