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AvenueInfant School

Summer Term 2 - Shall we go on a journey?

June 2022

Reception had a great first day back. We were left a message by a spaceship telling us to get to the moon for a special treat. We made lots of rockets to fly there and were surprised with a moon picnic and story to share.

 This week in Maths, Reception have been learning all about odd and even numbers. Today, Willow Class used the giant Numicon to help us easily identify which numbers are odd and which are even.


This morning, Willow Class have been discussing how we could innovate our story of ‘Whatever Next’. We decided that Baby Bear would go to the seaside and that he would need a boat to travel in when he got there! So we went outside and built a boat as a team. The children used their imagination brilliantly and the boat had lots of features such as a toilet, tv, bed, steering wheel and even a plank! I was very impressed by the children’s fantastic team work⛵️


Today Willow Class were experimenting with floating and sinking in Science. We used objects including paper clips, straws, rocks, coins and wooden blocks. We made predictions before our experiment and were very excited to see if we were right!