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Tips for practising the Zones of Regulation

• Know yourself and how you react in difficult situations before dealing with your child’s behaviours.

• Know your child’s sensory threshold. We all process sensory information differently and it impacts our reactivity to situations.

• Know your child’s triggers.

• Be consistent in managing your child’s behaviour and use the same language you use at home.

• Empathise with your child and validate what they are feeling.

• Have clear boundaries/routines and always follow through.

• Do not deal with an angry, upset child when you are not yet calm yourself.

• Discuss strategies for the next time when you are in a similar situation.

• Remember to ask your child how their choices made you feel (empathy).

• Praise your child for using strategies. Encourage your child to take a sensory break to help regulate their bodies.

• Create a ‘calm’ box full of things which help to keep your child calm and alert. Advice about what could go in the box can be found on our website in the ‘Zones Toolkit’ section.